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Assistant Professor in Pathogenomics and Disease Informatics to support Food from Thought research mission through microbiology, bacterial genetics and bioinformatics

Dr. Nicole Ricker appointed as Assistant Professor in Pathogenomics and Disease Informatics within the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College.

Prof Nicole Ricker

Digital Agriculture Research Fund Town Hall

Town Hall on the Digital Agriculture Research Fund – Nov 26, 2018

Man standing in young corn field flying drone on sunny day

Top Canadian food universities to collaborate on CFREF food security and sustainability initiatives

The University of Guelph and the University of Saskatchewan signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on joint activities to advance global food security and food systems.

From left: Maurice Moloney, Global Institute for Food Security Executive Director; Malcolm Campbell, University of Guelph Vice President (Research); Karen Chad, University of Saskatchewan Vice President (Research)

New Animal Biosciences professors will support animal sciences research through diverse approaches

Dr. Michael Steele, Assistant Professor in Animal Physiology, and Dr. Dan Tulpan, Assistant Professor in Computational Biology joined the Department of Animal Biosciences on September 1.

Side by side portraits of Dan Tulpan (left) and Michael Steele (right)

Appointment of Assistant Professor in Statistics to support Food from Thought through computational statistics and big data analytics

In his capacity with Food from Thought, Nadeem will leverage methods in computational statistics, quantitative ecology, and big data analytics to support the program in its mission for sustainable agricultural production.

Photo of prof. Khurram Nadeem

Appointment of Assistant Professor in Precision Agriculture to advance Food from Thought research and training in sustainable agriculture

Eager to share his unique training and experience with the next generation of agricultural researchers, Sulik will be a key member of the Food from Thought research team.

Photo of prof. John Sulik

Food from Thought Welcomes New Research Assistant Cohort for September 2018

The University of Guelph has selected sixteen outstanding graduate students to receive exclusive Food from Thought Research Assistant awards for 2018-19.

Compilation of 16 research assistants selected for Research Assistantships

Descriptive Transcripts

Plant Communication – Clarence Swanton Ecological Entanglement: Spooky Action at a Distance – Kevin McCann Merritt Turetsky – Carbon Climate and Canada’s North Descriptive Transcript Big Data in Animal Agriculture – Christine Baes Scientific Literature as Big Data – Jan Sargeant Kate Shoveller Protein Quality Biodiversity Genomics – Robert Hanner

Appointment of Director of Research Data Strategy for Food from Thought

The University of Guelph has named Dr. Karen Hand as the new Director of Research Data Strategy for the Food from Thought program effective April 30.