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Food from Thought investigators have been active contributors in response to the emerging questions and needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the foremost experts in the agri-food sector, they are tirelessly offering up their expertise, delving into the complex infrastructural challenges, advising governmental authorities, and the general public. Here you will find the latest in resources and information as it relates to food safety, sustainability, and production in these new and difficult times.

Food from Thought’s COVID-19 Webinar Series

Food from Thought has launched a webinar series in partnership with the Arrell Food Institute and the One Health Institute that features University of Guelph agri-food experts, answering questions from the public about food and agriculture during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar one: COVID-19 + Lessons for Food Systems

Webinar two: COVID-19 + Data Decisions after Disruption

Webinar three: COVID-19 + Social Impacts on Rural Communities

Webinar four: COVID-19 + Food Insecurity: the Intersection

Webinar five: Covid-19 + The Future of Ag Tech and Labour

Webinar six: COVID-19 + the Culinary Industry: A Way Forward

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In the News

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U of G researchers develop method for quicker, more affordable testing for COVID-19Paul Hebert

A Global One Health Initiative to Combat Future PandemicsShayan Sharif and Evan Fraser, Food from Thought Scientific Director

Food, History and CovidEvan Fraser, Food from Thought Scientific Director and Malcolm Campbell, Vice-President of Research, University of Guelph

Why we aren’t running out of food during the coronavirus pandemic – Alfons Weersink

COVID-19 food safety: Separating the myths from the factsJeff Farber

Canada’s food supply at risk as pandemic tightens borders to farm workers  – Evan Fraser, Food from Thought Scientific Director

Here’s what COVID-19 teaches us about ‘social learning’ and the environment – Madhur Anand

Why it’s naive to send unemployed Canadians to work on labour-strapped farms – Evan Fraser, Food from Thought Scientific Director

COVID-19: Is take-out safe?Lawrence Goodridge

How artificial intelligence data mining can help us fight COVID-19 – Rozita Dara

The COVID-19 pandemic and Canada’s food system – Evan Fraser, Food from Thought Scientific Director

Coronavirus: The perils of our ‘just enough, just in time’ food system – Evan Fraser, Food from Thought Scientific Director


Toward Nanotechnology-Enabled Approaches against the COVID-19 PandemicIlaria Capua, Food from Though Scientific Advisory Council

COVID-19 and disruptions to food systemsTim Benton, Food from Thought Scientific Advisory Council

Regaining perspective on SARS-CoV-2 molecular tracing and its implications – Ilaria Capua, Food from Thought Scientific Advisory Council

Is COVID-19 the first pandemic that evolves into a panzootic? – Ilaria Capua, Food from Thought Scientific Advisory Council

Economic thoughts on the potential implications of COVID‐19 on the Canadian dairy and poultry sectors – Alfons Weersink

COVID-19 Focused Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, – Alfons Weersink

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