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Digital Ag Research

There is an opportunity for Canada’s agricultural sector to be at the forefront of digital innovations. Food from Thought is leading this opportunity in the agricultural space through cutting-edge digital agricultural research that will advance technologies and approaches, develop integrated research data platforms that better support research questions, and develop best practices in the management of agri-food and biodiversity data, in areas such as security, accessibility, governance and regulations. With improved decision support tools, data sharing platforms, and research on best practices, the agricultural sector will be better equipped to efficiently manage and sustain their operations.

Projects will use machine learning, data mining, data manipulation, informatics, visualization and imaging technology, sensors, software, as well as cybersecurity monitoring to develop new ways of predicting and managing agricultural performance, as well as expand on existing technologies to improve research and cross-discipline analyses.

Meet our digital research experts

Meet our digital research projects

Enhancing Ontario’s grain production using smart farming techniques

Expanding the Value of Soil Health and Soil Ecosystem Services Research through Development of an Integrated Data Sharing Platform

Utilizing data from automated calf feeders: Identifying novel ways to identify disease to improve growth and performance of dairy calves

Accounting for Soil Organic Carbon in Profitability Maps

Livestock visualization project: Using spatial and spectral images to determine calf growth and performance

A CyberSecurity Monitoring and Threat Hunting System for Protecting Smart Farming System

Rapid assessments of farmland biodiversity and its function in agri-food systems

Enhancing the Impact of Agri-Environmental Research with Repeat Digital Imaging

Applying wearable sensors & machine learning to improve dairy cow health & production

Using Deep Learning as an Analysis and Decision-support Tool to Assess Biodiversity Gain from Habitat Restoration in the Agri-food Sector

High-throughput sequencing, species interactions, DNA-based identification

Development of near-real-time analysis and reporting tool for important livestock pathogens