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FeedBack Blog

FeedBack is a blog contributed to by the Arrell Food Institute and Food From Thought graduate students on their experiences so far in the program.

Students talk about ideas while sitting at a picnic table in front of an old building

FeedBack: A Plurality of Ideas

Cameron Fioret reflects on his research, new ideas, and experience as part of the Food From Thought graduate cohort.

Four students stand in front of green sign at greenhouse

FeedBack: Discovering a bigger impact for the agri-food system

Michelle Thompson is an Food from Thought research assistant and a Masters student in Plant Agriculture with Dr. Manish Raizada. Michelle shares her personal perspective on the cohort experience and reflects on how the work has impacted her research program.

Four graduate students work at a table together on big data projects

FeedBack: Interdisciplinary Approach for Big Data and Agriculture

A group of Food from Thought and Arrell Food Institute graduate students are working to create innovative solutions that will transform the global food system.

Two students pet cows in their pens

FeedBack: Touring family-owned crop, poultry and dairy farms

Our graduate students visited three farms in Ontario to study different aspects of agricultural farming systems such as grain production, poultry and dairy farming.

Steven looks at cows in a barn

FeedBack: Reflecting on the Interdisciplinary Research Process

Steven Lam, a Research Assistant with Food From Thought, reflects his experience as part of the AFI-FFT graduate cohort.

A phone sits on a cookbook and magazine about food

FeedBack: Food Literacy for Canadians

With the help of the Food From Thought program, graduate students have assembled an interdisciplinary team with a collective interest in the food literacy of Canadians.

Strawberries being irrigated with water

FeedBack: Water and Our Food

Food production and water resources are inextricably linked.