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Oceans of Biodiversity

The project will provide new knowledge on the distribution and diversity of marine organisms to improve decision-making and management of marine protected areas and food fishery resources.


Principal investigators at the University of Victoria: Verena Tunnicliffe, John Dower, Diana Varela, Kim Juniper, Barbara Hawkins

What challenge does "Oceans of Biodiversity" address?

The ocean has provided humans with food and resources for thousands of years. It is important for us to manage human activities such that we do not disrupt this vital relationship. We still have much to learn about the ocean, and marine-based food production systems are insecure and biodiversity is at risk.

How will this research address the challenge?

Marine scientists at University of Victoria are expanding our knowledge of marine organisms from the deep sea to the high arctic. Having a more complete knowledge of the distribution of marine organisms and the marine environment will allow for intelligent management of human activities such as fisheries and deep sea mining.

What impact will the project have on agriculture?

The information from this project will feed directly into ongoing regulatory processes around fishery management, establishment of marine protected areas, and deep sea mining. This will allow for more precise management aimed at protecting marine ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them while allowing for economic development.

Other information

Partners: Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Royal BC Museum, Hakai Institute, Distributed Biological Observatory (NSF)

Collaborators and students: John Nelson, Mallory VanWyngaarden, Thomas Giguère

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